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Learn something new without leaving home. Our Workshop Boxes include all the necessary materials and a step by step illustrated guide to help you learn something new.

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Workshop Box: Bookbinding – 24.99€

A Workshop inside a Box, delivered to your doorstep!

At Workshoped we create and curate Workshops, then we put them inside a box and send them to you. This way, you’ll to be able to learn something new in the most comfortable possible way.

Inside our Workshop Boxes, you’ll find all the necessary materials and instructions. These will guide you on how to create something new without leaving your home.


Workshop Boxes

Inside our Workshops Boxes, you’ll find all the necessary materials and instructions to learn a new thing anytime you want

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Workshop Box: Candle Making
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Workshop Box: Oil Painting

All the necessary materials and illustrated step by step instructions.

We want to make it simple for you, therefore, in all our Workshop Boxes you’ll find all the materials you need and a step by step guide on how to make you Workshop! If you thought that learning a new thing was hard, think again!

Workshop Caligrafia – Oferece postais incríveis com a tua nova habilidade

Workshop Box: Calligraphy – 19.99€

Makers Gonna Make!

Learning something new is fulfilling and create passion, but most of all, learning a new thing can knock you out of your comfort zone. We are here to help you in your journey, by doing it in the easiest way possible!

Workshoped – Makers gonna make

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