5 benefits of handicrafts


There’s a lot of talk about healthy habits, so how about combining the useful and the enjoyable?
Several studies show that doing handicraft work is extremely beneficial for our mental health. It is, therefore, a hobby and a habit to consider.
These are activities for all ages, perfect for doing alone or with the family!

Believe me, on those days when you have a little free time, don’t waste it on screens. Do a different activity where your hands get wings instead. There’s plenty to choose from, you never get bored, you’re always learning new things and they’re great fun!

Still not convinced? Discover the 5 benefits of handicrafts:

  • Sense of well-being

Doing manual work boosts neurological activity and activates the nervous system. In this process, dopamine is released, a neurotransmitter responsible for giving us the feeling of pleasure and well-being.
Thus, practicing this type of hobby decreases symptoms related to anxiety, sadness, and depression.

Workshop Box Calligraphy
  • Stimulate cognitive function

Crafts are essential for exercising the mind. The more we work our brain, the better our cognitive capacity and mental health.

There are many different crafts we can do, and each one stimulates and develops one or more parts of our brain. For example, physical skills, memory, spatial perception, motor dexterity, concentration, coordination between senses, attention, perception of details, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Frequently doing manual work accelerates the learning process and helps with adaptation, problem-solving, and acquiring new skills. They also develop critical thinking, perseverance, and patience!

These benefits are for all ages, but children and the elderly get special attention. The former for their cognitive development and the latter to preserve cognitive function and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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  • Promotes creativity

Many adults feel they are not creative. A secret: this quality does not fall from the sky. You have to work at it, and the best way is with crafts! Children are an excellent example. They are more creative than adults because they spend a lot of time stimulating their imagination with games and activities.

Crafts allow the art of experimenting, creating something, and expressing emotions and feelings. By putting our hands to work, our imaginative capacity is put to the test and creative thinking is developed. “Next time I’ll do it like this”, “next time I’ll knit a jumper with a bear on it” and “I’ll use green instead” – statements like these fuel creativity, which you didn’t think you had!

Give crafts a go and watch your creativity blossom!

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  • Relaxing

After a day of work we just want to relax and forget the problems of life and work. You know, crafts can have that therapeutic side!

How? When we carry out manual work, our brain enters a state of deep concentration. Time passes without us realizing and our worries no longer bother us! Neurologists compare this effect to the state of meditation. This habit reduces stress and makes people happier!

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  • Self-confidence

Crafts are a challenge for the brain. We won’t lie to you: you have to work at solving it in the best way possible. This encourages perseverance, and of course the “I can do it” and “I did it”.

As the saying goes: “From grain to grain, the chicken gets full”. As we do manual work we gain skills and feel increasingly capable. It is a very effective way of increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. At the end of the day, you know you can overcome challenges!

There is no doubt that crafts give a sense of usefulness, success, confidence, and independence. A good hobby to practice!

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In short, handicrafts are an indispensable habit to promote our health. Just like physical exercise! It is never too late to start. In time, you will go “wow!” with the benefits and quality of life that this little habit provides. You won’t regret it, after all, they are great fun!

6 suggestions for new hobbies

  • Origami
  • Ceramics
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Painting

And of course, the Workshoped boxes! We are here to make the process easier. We offer guides, illustrations, explanations, and all the materials you need to take your first steps in various crafts.


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