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Workshoped is a brand/company that created the concept of Workshops inside a Box! At Workshoped we pick a theme, set the necessary materials, as well as step by step illustrated guides and put it all inside a beautiful box. By doing this, we allow you to learn a new thing without leaving your sofa!

About Workshoped – learn a new thing without leaving your sofa
Workshop Sabonetes Artesanais – DIY faz por ti mesmo

From scented candles to your own notebooks, we will help you through the process of learning something new the easiest possible way. With our Workshop Boxes, learning a new skill never got easier.

Ready to come along?

Workshop Boxes Workshop Boxes

Handmade, with

All our Workshop Boxes are handmade assembled by our incredible team of passionate human beings! During our design process, we select a theme (thought by us or suggested by you), make an extensive investigation about the necessary materials and create an illustrated step by step instructions manual to guide you through all the Workshop.

Workshop Carimbos- Postais bem originais criados por ti

Besides the existing Workshop Boxes, we still work every day to find new ideas and Workshops to put inside a box.

During this year, we will be launching new Workshop Boxes and expand our collection to a bunch of different areas while teaching you a lot of new things! Join the Workshoped family and help us make the world a more creative place.

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At our Blog, you’ll have access to Workshoped’s exclusive content. From DIY projects to fun facts about plenty of different themes, you’ll have a blast discovering fantastic new stuff at our blog articles.

Fun Facts

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What’s been said about Workshoped!

Since we’ve created Workshoped, we’ve got a lot of media attention. Check out the lovely things that some celebrated publishers have to say about us!

If you want to add a little touch of your love to our story, drop us an email with all your questions about Workshoped and we’ll answer it as soon as we can!

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  • Workshop Box: Encadernação 📔 #beworkshoped
  • Be a Maker 💪 #beworkshoped 💛
  • Adoramos a ideia de aprender todos os dias algo novo e dessa feita decidimos tirar um bocadinho para nos dedicarmos a uma temática que gostamos muito muito muito. 😍

Digam-nos lá, por aqui quem é que gosta tanto de caligrafia quanto nós?

Bem sabemos que tudo precisa de prática e por isso mesmo metemos mãos à obra com a ajuda do workshop de caligrafia do @beworkshoped.

Conhecem? É um conceito fantástico e super criativo que nasceu em Outubro de 2017 com o intuito de levar a casa das pessoas a possibilidade de aprenderem novas coisas de forma simples.
Nas Workshop Boxes vão poder encontrar todo o material, assim como as instruções para realizarem as mais variadas coisas.

Incrível, não acham? 💕
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  • “É como um livro de colorir, só que muito mais incrível!” #paintbynumber #workshopbox #beworkshoped
  • Diversão com a sobrinha @eduarda_almeida_06

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  • Se és daquelas pessoas que depois de comprar uma prenda de Natal para alguém fica com vontade de comprar uma prenda igual para si mesma ☺️... a WORKSHOPED tem o álibi perfeito😃... Muitos dos WORKSHOP BOX são ideais para decorar 🎄 ou criar postais de Natal!!!😍📦
Vai a workshoped.com #beworkshoped
  • Nada melhor que oferecer uma WORKSHOP BOX este Natal!!!🎄 😍 🎁 
Vai a workshoped.com e descobre todas as WORKSHOP BOX disponíveis 🎁 #beworkshoped #diy

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