Workshop Box: Soap Making


With this Workshop Box you will learn how to create your own artisanal soap bars with spices. Inside the box you will find all the necessary materials and a step by step illustrated manual to guide you through the all process.

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Learn how to make soap bars!

Make your own artisanal soap!

Learn the process of making artisanal soap bars by mixing the glicerin, aromatic scents and some special spices to create truly amazing bath pearls.

Workshop Sabonetes Artesanais – Domina a arte dos sabonetes
Workshop Sabonetes Artesanais – DIY faz por ti mesmo

Do it Yourself


Besides all the necessary materials, you will also find, inside the box, a step by step illustrated manual that will guide you trhough the entire process of creating your own bath masterpieces.

Lime or Coconut?

Your soap bars, your “flavours”!

In this Workshop Box you will not only find the molds to shape your soap bars but two different kinds of scents. Lemon and Coconut are your starting point! After you master it you will be able to add any scent of your choice!

Workshop Sabonetes Artesanais – Os teu proprios sabonetes com os teus cheirinhos preferidos


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