What’s the Makers Movement and why you should join it!


The Makers Movement is a social movement with an artisan spirit that emphasizes learning by doing in a social environment.

As understood, the Makers Movement started on one of our ancestors that picked up a stick and pulled the leaves off, to punch it in a hole looking for grubs.

We know that people have been making things since before we were people. Wood, stone, and bone tools. Sewing needles made from fish ribs. Spears, bows and arrows, traps, all were made by people trying something new. Glass and ceramics were made by people playing with fire and stuff they found on the ground.

Foto: Gustavo Fring

They were already making stuff, but the name “Maker” is fairly recent. In the past, people have been called tinkers, inventors, or that person who is always working in his basement workshop.

If the word “maker” were around in the late 1800s and early 1900s, that’s what we would have called to all those people inventing and building things to fly, make electricity and talk across long distances.

It naturally evolved into more modern subjects. People started employing do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-with-others ( DIWO) techniques and processes to almost anything, intending to produce unique products.

This “social age” (where we live at present) brought us together in a whole new way to learn and interact with day-to-day objects. Of course, that with shared knowledge the Makers Movement got more traction than ever, and a lot of new communities were built around it.

Foto: Natallia Rak

The movement is changing how we think about learning, our involvement with technology and the underlying way we understand the world. The power of ‘I’ is being supplanted by the power of ‘we’ as people rise up to the fact that not only can they achieve more themselves, but that together, anything is possible.

Makers Movement is a thing and you should join it as soon as possible! Be a part of the worldwide community of makers and help us build a better, more creative and funnier place to live.

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