Workshop Box: Stamps


With this Workshop Box you will learn the basics to create your own rubber stamps. You will have access to all the materials and illustrated step by step instructions that you need to create your own amazing stamps and print them on any surface you want.

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Workshop Box: Stamps
3 WB Stamps

Learn how to make rubber stamps

Carve a rubber block!

Learn how to carve your own drawings and pattern in a rubber block that you can stamp it in different surfaces.

Do it yourself

DIY complete stamping kit.

Besides all the necessary materials and an illustrated step by step guide. You will be able to create a rubber stamp and experience five different types of your carving tool.

4 WB Stamps
5 WB Stamps

Original postcards

Send your own postcards!

By the end of your experience, you will never have to look for something to offer your friends or family. Next time you have to offer a special gift, use one of our “white” postcards that are included in this workshop box to create something cool and finish with three or four exciting words.


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