Papercraft and a lesson in visual and technological education


When was your last visual and technological education class? Some things you just don’t forget! The teachers, for example. It was like they were handpicked! Who didn’t leave class with a new story to tell? Not to mention the covers where we kept our homework. “Here come the bunch of covers!”. But how does papercraft get us into a visual and technological education class?

First, it is an activity that works on several skills. Second, it requires a lot of concentration. Third, it is the perfect example of how we can do a lot with little. In other words, the material needed is not out of this world.

Also in these classes, we were challenged to create with what we had. “Use your imagination!”, the teachers told us.

So many years later, this subject remains in our memory. What if we recreated one of those classes with papercraft?

Challenge accepted!

5 steps to complete your papercraft

In this first lesson, we will learn how to build three-dimensional objects on paper. These are the steps you can’t miss:

  • Make sure you have all the necessary materials to get started: ruler, scissors, glue and paper
  • Cut out the paper with a good pair of scissors. Attention: you must cut along the line!
  • Fold each piece of paper along the dotted lines with the help of a ruler
  • Apply the glue to the marked areas and glue the pieces together
  • Don’t forget to organize! You have to glue each piece of paper in the right place

And now what?

First, we teach you how to make a papercraft model. Like a good teacher! Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves! Try it out for yourself!

What if we told you that there’s a magic box with all the material? Just start cutting, folding and gluing! It’s our Papercraft box: just the right dose of fun and challenge.


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