Workshop Box: Bath Bombs


They are perfumed, effervescent and fun, and your baths will never be the same! You will learn how to mix bath salts and essential oils to create your own bath bombs that break down on contact with water. Combine the bath bombs with our aromatic candles and create your own SPA at home.

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Workshop Box: Bath Bombs
3 WB Bath Bombs

Learn how to make bath bombs

A relaxing bath.

With this bath bombs workshop you will learn what kind of ingredients, salts and oils are recommended to use, as well as how to mix everything correctly to create your bombs. Believe us, you’ll make your bath time a whole new experience.

Do it yourself

DIY complete bath bombs kit.

In addition to all the materials you need for this bath bombs workshop, you will also receive an illustrated step-by-step guide to easily follow.

4 WB Bath Bombs
5 WB Bath Bombs

Bath time!

The power of essential oils.

WATCH OUT! After this workshop you are likely to start taking much more immersion baths. Bath bombs along with the pleasant scent and essential oils, can also create an aromatherapy effect to balance body and mind.


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